About the Artist

Hands are extensions of the heart. My work, an offering.

 I offer artisanal textiles for body + home for people who value the beauty of handcrafted objects. My work is an exploration of liminal space, nonduality, and the intersection of perceived opposites: form/formless, structure/fluidity, shadow/light, love/grief. The spaces in between.

Guided by the wisdom of our ancestors, I handcraft quality pieces made to transition through our many seasons of life. I work with natural fibers, cutting room floor remnants, and limited edition textiles using low-impact dye, snow, ice and traditional shibori and discharge techniques. Inclusive, fluid sizing designed to fit 0-24. I am primarily self-taught, Chicago-born and Denver-based, and am also a Yoga therapist candidate. 

I also live with a neurodevelopmental condition, a disability that profoundly influences the foundation of my work. Challenge can be our most profound source of insight when we slow down, listen, and honor the wisdom of the heart.

–Breanne Goldman

Breanne Goldman artist