Mission - Vision - Ethos

My MISSION is to help guide you toward healing your most important relationship, the one with yourself: mind, body, Spirit. Integrating meaningful lifestyle transformations are at the core of my life's work. You can learn more about my Yoga background here.

As a textile artist + clothing designer under my label Lake Elinor, I create for people who invest in quality pieces, who value the beauty of a handcrafted object, and who live in alignment with their values and ethics.

These three principles are the foundation for every decision I make as an artist:


Wellness is also how we feel in what we put on our bodies. Clothing is a conversation, an interplay between body, mind, Spirit. When we feel comfortable in our own skin, we have more energy and confidence to create the world we all want to live in. 


Serving others is at the heart of everything I do. I am a woman-owned and operated small business based in Denver, Colorado. I believe in small batch, ethical manufacturing, most of which is handcrafted, hand-dyed, and hand-painted my me in my Denver studio.As well, I partner with several fair trade organizations that provide work opportunities and economic development initiatives for women in developing countries.


As an artisan, I have a responsibility to use our shared resources wisely. I design patterns with minimal to zero waste, cutting room floor remnants are either donated to schools, local charities and nonprofits, and 100% biodegradable fabric scraps can be composted. I am committed to sourcing premium fabrics from industry leaders in sustainable textile harvesting, manufacture, and production, and I use minimal packaging to help reduce costs and unnecessary waste. And, through my partnership with One Tree Planted, I support global reforestation efforts. While I knowI am not perfect, there is always room for growth. I am currently exploring additional ways to help green Lake Elinor even more.