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The Oak Vest: Tortoise Shell

The Oak Vest: Tortoise Shell

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The timeless oak tree embodies strength and safety. She is timeless, steady, and invites a quiet dignity. Her deep roots provide stability and grounding for her outstretched branches into the world.


One of a kind, art to wear. Dyed with clamps and resists to create patterns, then overdyed for added depth and texture.

Designed to fit a wide range of bodies, the Oak Vest is an instant crowd-pleaser for those of us who like to layer. This classic investment piece can be worn over a pair of leggings, jeans, a summer dress, as a beach cover-up, or over a sweater for cooler weather. The options are limitless.

Features perfectly-sized POCKETS, contrast stitching, and seam details. Arms can move freely without feeling restricted, with side slits to create plenty of room for movement. The epitome of comfort and elegance. Hand dyed with professional, low impact dyes.


100% linen

Hand-dyed pieces are designed to be safe + colorfast. However, since it's a handcrafted item there may be some minimal color wash out in your first few washes.

Recommended: hand wash cold, delicate, air dry. 
To soften: tumble air dry for a few minutes.

If you machine wash: place in a mesh lingerie bag.
Cold, delicate cycle, no bleach, with darker colors.
Love your pieces and they will love you back.


Designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and sizes 0-24.

Handcrafted in Denver

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